Professionalize your growth process and build a track record of your startups’ performance

Growth framework

Our RocketDNA growth framework is built on cutting-edge scientific knowledge and industry best practices. We provide you with growth dimensions and stages that can be tailored to your specific situation.

Custom-made OKRs

Objectives and key results (OKRs) create transparency, foster accountability and enable continuous performance tracking. Define ambitious and measurable goals with your startups and watch them grow.

Predictive analytics

Gain quick insights into portfolio-wide and startup-specific growth patterns empowered by AI-based clustering and interpretation procedures. Train startups to set ambitious goals, pinpoint future growth areas and avoid foreseeable risks.

Mission control

Our dashboard provides you with detailed information about your startup portfolio. Monitor their progress, identify slowly-dying as well as skyrocketing startups and, thus, achieve overall portfolio growth.

Motivation boost

Create portfolio momentum by making daily achievements visible. Motivate startups by sharing their progress with others and create performance-driven journeys on a weekly basis.

Easy workflows

Improve stakeholder communication and interaction by digital assessments, standardized workflows and continuous feedback loops. Create a knowledge sharing ecosystem investors, mentors and startups love.

Investment readiness

Simplify and enable fundraising for your startups even at an early stage. Inform investment decisions by downloadable reports, historical growth data and our investability score.

Start with RocketDNA in less than no time

Easy & intuitive
Our clear user interface makes the software intuitive to use without long training sessions.
Fully customizable
Growth stages, OKRs and assessment cycles are individually configurable.
No installation required. Start first assessment in minutes anytime and on any device.
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