Empowering and accelerating venture growth

RocketDNA is the leading software platform helping incubators to create a rapid growth environment for flourishing ventures. Leveraging cutting-edge scientific knowledge, advanced predictive analytics and industry best practices, RocketDNA offers an innovative solution for tracking, forecasting and improving growth performance

Incubators and accelerators

Towards a stellar portfolio of fast-growing ventures – RocketDNA empowers you to continuously track, assess and influence venture performance. You will be able to jointly define measurable and transparent goals with startups and leverage insights from our RocketDNA growth framework while reducing the risk of new venture failure. Make the most of your resources by using our platform to boost operational efficiency and network synergies
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Professionalize and accelerate your growth journey – RocketDNA allows you to create a fast-growing business by building on the experience of successful startups, setting ambitious, yet simple and measurable goals while operating at a level of diligence investors will love. Team up with RocketDNA and streamline your growth progress to become a highly professional and goal-driven company
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